About us

The best background.

In 2001, after a 20 years long experience collected in consumer electronics, satellite reception and mobile phone technology, we started a new adventure: GPS Location and Tracking. As we had been personally involved over years in Rallies and Desert races, we aimed to introduce the latest GPS technologies in that very particular field. At the beginning, the main purpose was to increase safety for the competitors, but soon we realized that we could have achieved much more. Within a short time, our sport division has became one of the important official supplier for GPS services to FIA and FIM in the, most important offroad motorsport events in Italy, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Rumania, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, England, and Oman. Later on, we extended our operational field, as consultants, to a wide range of disciplines, from Orienteering to Horse Endurance, and from Nautical to Flying sports. Being in charge with the safety of the competitors, and overviewing the respect of rules and imposed tracks, beside supporting the logistics of the race, has allowed us to collect a great experience in tracking fast moving vehicles in hostile environments, at unusual high frequencies of incoming data. In 2008 we added to our services also timing and results, based on a revolutionary crosscheck of data coming both from GPS tracking devices and traditional homologated timing hardware. Using special telecommunication services over satellite, as Iridium, beside more conventional systems like GSM/GPRS, we always keep your competitors (vehicles, boats or people) under safe and non-stop control.

GPS Tracking

We always know where you are.

Over the years, Sporttraxx has developed several GPS tracking solutions. And event after event, regardless it is a World Championship event or a touristic raid, both hardware and software go through neverending improvements and updates. We started with it and are still among the most specialized technicians in passive GPS tracking. We use high resolution loggers, extremely compact in size and weight, to record everything happens to a competitor during his race. The accuracy reaches positions each tenth of second, calculated on fractions of meters. Then we developed the first live tracking solution for offroad motorsports. The first ever satellite tracking project for desert rallies, in 2003, was brought to FIA headquarter in Paris by Sporttraxx. And that started a long evolution process which brought us to a live service with positioning up to each second with GPRS and 2 minutes with Iridium satellites. And no limitations in terms of environments and type of competitor, person or vehicle.


Definitely, safety is the most important target of a live tracking solution.The organizer of any race needs to know at anytime where the competitors are. He needs to know that they are moving or if they might face some problem. He needs to understand if they stopped intentionally or due to an accident. And most of all, he needs the right tools to get them out of troubles, perhaps even saving their life by reacting in the shortest time and sending to the right location the nearest ambulance or helicopter. All that is safety.

Sportive Fairplay

Competitors are supposed to respect rules. Not all of them do, but all of them, expect the others to do it. Sporttraxx can monitor that and ensure fairplay. Checking corridors along the race track to avoid shortcuts and cheatings, reporting illegal stops and assistance, backing up the whole timing and result system. Also investigations and reports on accidents and rescue actions are among Sporttraxx's jobs.


There are sport disciplines that will never easily be spectacular. And they have a hard life in growing and getting sponsors, as they hardly get crowds of spectators to be involved. A live tracking service of the race, displayed on local big screens or shown worldwide through internet, can potentially involve millions of people. They can finally follow their champions and the sponsors get the wished contacts.


The future of sports is more and more related to cost saving. A live tracking solution can optimize logistics. Like playing on a chess board, the organizer, can move his people on the race field. He can send the right person to the right place at the right time, optimizing the numbers of required marshalls, saving costs in petrol and assets, as in hours of flights of expensive helicopters.


Stages Timing with totally new procedures and philosophy.

Live GPS Tracking technology provides, beside competitor's positions and alarms, also totally reliable and accurate timing data. Sporttraxx is using a revolutionary timekeeping hardware on the field, based on homologated clocks, GPS, GPRS, satellite, laser and radio technology. The collected timing data are forwarded automatically to the Timing Software where, through a sophisticated crosscheck with the GPS data coming from the competitors, the correct assignements are verified and forwarded to the Sporttraxx Results Software. Without the need of using traditional expensive transponders, the assignements time-to-competitor are done automatically without any typical human mistake.

Few people manage the entire web-based system. The easy-to-use equipments at start, finish and TC points do not require professionals. Local marshall can quickly be trained for its use. Size and weight of hardware are limited to few suitcases. and therefore travel with Sporttraxx technicians as checked luggage, avoiding additional shipping costs and customs.

Real time

A timing solution needs to be in real time. Timing data, from the field, have to be collected, forwarded and processed with the shortest possible delay. Laser beams stop times on digital clocks, they are forwarded to the processing servers where they are verified, assigned and calculated . All this mus happen in few seconds.


To allow a real time process, the data must be collected, assigned and verified through fully automatic procedures. The less human intervention in the identification process, and the use of the best forwarding technology, GSM or satellite, keep the sequence free of errors. And therefore at the ideal speed.


Using together different data sources, in a mostly automatic process, is the condition for a reliable timing service. Sporttraxx is crosschecking times collected by beams and clocks on the field, with GPS information sent live from the competitors, counting, morover, on a 3rd level of backup which is an additional high resolution GPS logger. This leads to a practically total reliability: no possible missing data and no possible wrong assignements.


Timing data collected and processed by Sporttraxx can be forwarded to almost any third party results software. That allows our customers to keep certain relationships with previously existing results managements. And to respect traditional formats and edits, as to bettr integrate results into existing websites. This flexibility is also meant to allow Sporttraxx to offer customized solutions by modules: GPS tracking, Timing and forwrding, Results.


All started in 2003, when Mr. Derek Ledger, Vicepresident of FIA, was looking for a solution for the MERC (Middle East Rally Championship). The open and undefined environment of the desert areas in the Gulf, was making life very hard for the organizers; Hundreds of marshalls were needed to survey the stages and avoid easy and common shortcuts. Sporttraxx developed its first passive GPS tracking solution for motorsport. Saving human resources, avoiding definitely the cheatings and bringing Offroad Motorsport back to fairness. Since then, Sporttraxx has carried on a continuos evolution and development of its hardwares and softwares. It is a great satisfaction to see how the list of our customers and events is getting longer and longer.




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FIA / FIM World Cup for Cross Country Rallies
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